Warlords of Gilmoria is an online game of strategy, diplomacy, and global domination based in a fantasy realm.

Risk your armies to conquer your enemies, defeat your rivals, and rule the realm. Designed for the casual gamer and seasoned boardgame warrior alike, Warlords of Gilmoria will satisfy your desire for victory and honor in battle.

Warlords of Gilmoria is played in your web browser. You do not need any downloads or plug-ins. To play you just need to register. Regular memberships are free. The game rules are simple. Start playing now.

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We all know how hard it is to get the guys and gals together for the regular gaming night. Warlords of Gilmoria is our solution (and your's too). Join games created by other players or create your own. Play against your friends or make new friends online. Your game turns will take just a few minutes each day or stay online with your friends and play a whole game in an hour or two.

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If you notice that this site looks different, don't panic. We are updating the look and feel. New look - same great game. Call your friends and battle away!

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